Reporting: When is a ticket counted as "backlog"?


unfortunately I could not find a description in the doc describing the “backlog” filter in Reporting.
Under which conditions will tickets be added to that bracket?

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Backlog normally is everything like working on a ticket where it has not been created nor closed.

This might help as well:


thank you for your quick response.
So to make sure I understand it correctly here, every ticket is counted as backlog that is not created and new or closed, and in either one of the following states: open, pending close, pending reminder.

Is that correct?

This affects everything that is not closed.
Technically a open state can be a valid backlog entry.

@thorsteneckel might be able to add further useful information if he finds time.

The code can be found here:

The relevant line is here:

What is does is that it firsts counts the created tickets of the requested time span. Then it counts the closed tickets for the same time span. After that it loops over all tickets and checks how many tickets were created and closed at one point in the time span, for each point in that time span. It substracts the closed from the created ones. For example:

Day 1: 5 tickets opened, 4 closed = backlog of 1
Day 2: 4 tickets opened, 4 closed = backlog of 0
Day 3: 3 tickets opened, 4 closed = backlog of -1

The numbers 1, 0 and -1 are the ones that you see in your reporting.


Hi thorsten,

yes this answers my question. Thank you very much for your explanation.
You can close the thread if you want.

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