Reporting: Display number of all non closed tickets

I would need to see in the reports, the number of tickets which are still not closed.

2 proposal:
1- Use the backlog option to display it:
As today, I personally do not see the added value and the use case of the actual backlog option as explained here, where backlog is equal to the number of created minus number of closed.
2- Have a new specific option to display it,as aslo requested here 6 months ago

Thanks in advance.

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+1 for this, it’s somehow hard to get the “overall” support load without this information :slight_smile:

Have you tried doing this via graphana? As far as I know Zammad doesn’t want to waste more resources reinventing the wheel by putting more work into the built in reporting functionality. Graphana does everything a data visualization project could wish for using raw data from zammad :slight_smile:

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Well, I would usually agree for a very specific/non-core feature. But IMHO, this is somehow pretty “basic” for a support software: getting an accumulated number of tickets at given time is a very common metric.

I’m not against trying to tinker something with Grafana if it’s the only option, but it sounds a bit a complicated solution for a relatively simple requirement. If you have a guide or explanation on how to do this, I’ll be happy to read it :slight_smile:

So I took time to setup Grafana dashboard with Zammad. That doesn’t solve the OP request. I can’t have cumulated open tickets at a given time (eg by day, evolution of opened tickets, but you can imagine the same per month). This is pretty nice to check the global trend (having more opened tickets means more load for your teams).

This might be also relevant to track the same way tickets with specific “filters” (cumulated ticket for one team, eg sales vs tech etc.)

I’m not 100% sure we can achieve that via ES only I’m afraid.

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Interesting. Thanks for taking time to dig into this. If it’s not possible with graphana then I guess we indeed have a valid feature request.