Reporting by Roles/Groups

Hi mates,

In the actual 5.2 version, the report interface is (good, but) available without any filter, from all reports profiles.
It would be great if we can create for example :

  • Role “KPI Customs” who have reports profiles only from groups “Customs”
  • Role “KPI Accounting” who have reports profiles only from groups “Accounting+Customs”
  • Role “KPI Workshop” who have reports profiles only from groups “Workshop”

To resume : have the sames filters “Available for the following roles” like the “overviews” section, but in the reporting section.
I know we can manage rights from roles, but we can’t manage views of reports profiles.
I think this feature request is same to this two ones, but one isn’t a feature request and the other is… empty.

Thanks team !


I would also like this feature/functionality very much!

I also need the same feature. We’d like to give typically one person in each group the ability to access reports but in the current implementation, it means that this person see the title of all tickets, even those he/she has no access to normally. For some ticket (like HR-related tickets), this may mean access to sensible information.

It would be nice, like in core workflows for example to be able to define a condition to access the report profile.

I’ve been searching how to do that but apparently there is no option for that. It would be great we have that feature.

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