Reimport old unread IMAP e-mail

  • Used Zammad version: 3.4.0
  • Operating system: OpenSuse LEAP

From How to reimport read IMAP e-mails I know that just marking a mail to UNREAD makes Zammad re-import it. However it does not work for my case.

The situation is slightly different: Some mail has been sent to me personally instead of the service@ mailbox being watched by zammad. This mail I would like to inject to Zammad to have it in the Ticket history eventhough the Zammad mailbox isn’t part of the To: or Cc:
Now having IMAP access to Zammad I just copy that mail to that INBOX and mark it as UNREAD. But Zammad doesn’t import it… Is that because of the Zammad Address missing or because the date is about 3 months old?

I prefer to copy the original mail to that INBOX instead of doing a forward, because I would like to keep the original Date: of that message. Doing a forward would import it as new mail from today.
Is that possible somehow?

Sorry but upgrade to Zammad 5.2 first which is the current latest version.
This also rules out that you have some fucked up bug combinations.

Please also note that your Zammad instance is prune to security issues.

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