Previous/Next in overview: honor different sort order?

Not sure if this is even technically possible, but I’ll throw it out here anyway…

I’m rather fond of the Previous/Next in overview buttons on the top right of a ticket: image

I’m also very fond of sorting overviews, e.g. by Subject, but unfortunately this doesn’t work well with those buttons. We pipe our cron mails from all our backend servers into a Sysadmin group in our Zammad instance, and sorting by Subject is very useful to bunch similar mails (e.g. to have all the cron mails from a single server together). Then I’d like to click on the first ticket of this bunch, and use the “Next in overview” button to proceed through all tickets in this bunch.

And here lies the problem: the “Next” button has a very different idea of what the next ticket should be than what would actually be the next ticket in my manually sorted overview. Therefore I currently always have to click on the ticket, return to the overview, and click on the next ticket to open it. return to the overview, …

Hey @martin.von.wittich,

just a small thesis on some quick & dirty workaround:

  1. Create some ticket attribute identifying your “bunch”.
  2. Instead of piping the mail directly, get the mail body, import it via api and set the corresponding “bunch attribute” (or use email filters for this - it’s probably less complicated)
  3. In your overview you should now be able to group your tickets by said “bunch attribute”

That way the button should work as expected.

You don’t really have to create some attribute for this, you could just abuse an existing attribute.


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