Bulk open tickets by dragging them onto the task bar

Not sure how useful this might be to others, but I’m often in the situation where I’m going through several tickets with the same subject, mainly from cron mails:

I like to sort cron mails by sender or subject, but this unfortunately makes the < and > buttons in the ticket rather useless because those buttons don’t respect different sort orders. So instead I click on each ticket one at a time to open them. But this gets confusing quickly because it’s easy to lose track of which tickets are already opened, and which are not.

A way to bulk open the tickets would be very nice in this situation, e.g. by adding a special dropzone for this (preferrably the task bar, which would make this very intuitive). Then I could use shift-click to select a group of tickets, and drop them on the taskbar to open them all at once.


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