Pre defined Workload Settings


i think it would be a fine thing if there would be pre defined Workload Settings in Zammad depending on you Company Size / Agent Number.

In this Topic for example there is a way to set the server processes:

If you could give some defined Hardware Requierments / Settings, that will be a fine thing :slight_smile:

Are those information not good enough…?


Yes this Information I’ve read already before i did the Installation. On the other side there’s no information about the server processes. For me the increase of the server processes solved a lot of problems.

Umm yes there is, but it might be a bit hidden and thus not straight forward?

If you have a good idea on how to improve that, I’ll be happy to adjust that. :slight_smile:

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My idea would look like the following:

  1. For different Workloads (Number of Agents who are working with Zammad), there would be different Hardware Requierments if necassary. I think you as a Developer got a better View on the requirement of different Hardware requirement.

  2. If Hardware is not the Point how good Zammad will run with a lot of Agents, if think it would very customer friendly if you got a selection at the Installation / or in the Settings which change System Settings (for example the WEB_CONCURRENCY and maybe other) automatically.

The Workload Pre-Settings could look like this for example:

Easy Workload - Up to 20 Agents
Medium Workload - Up to 40 Agents
Heavy Workload - Up to 60 Agents
Custom - Make your own Settings

I know that every Deployment and Usage is different, but maybe there are absolute Must-Haves if your Agent Number is rising.

I understand your point.
At the moment this is a bit out of scope because this changes from time to time.

I will try to enhance the documentation later this year at that part.

Regarding the WEB_CONCURRENCY: Would you be happy enough with a remark within this page: Hardware — Zammad System Documentation documentation that will tell the administrator that he might need to fiddle with variables if his workload changes with a link to the ENV-page?

Personally I don’t think setting those settings automatically is the best idea. While I do have 20 Agents on my installation, basically 2-3 agents are using it concurrent (there’s never more, even more like less than that). Also, if you raise the concurrency, you’ll also need RAM to ensure everything is fine.

Doing that automatically is imho a really bad idea. Beside that we can’t set ENV variables without restarting the application which might not work automatically as well.

I think tuning options really should be a manual part. Just my Cents :slight_smile:

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