Postmaster: Filter should support placeholders for attributes

We’re just evaluating Zammad as a new ticket system for our B2B business. B2C is handled by an outdated OTRS server & we would like to upgrade here to a modern up to date platform.

Sadly the missing feature of Zammad is the possibility to map a matched postmaster filter value to custom attribute like OTRS does with the [***] placeholder.

Use case:

We receive about 1.500 mails from various B2C sales platforms (ebay, amazon,…). The email bodies are parsed for specific marketplace information (sales id, offer id,…) with postmaster filters (There are about 75 of them right now in OTRS). The match result of these filtering actions is then stored into dynamic fields (which eg. are directly linked to the ebay offer).

Not being able to handle this filtering in the way an out-of-th-box OTRS does it, is a show stopper for the introduction / move of/to Zammad.

I know, same here : Postmaster Filter use match value

Yes, saw it. But as it was closed, I thought I open a feature request.

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