Persistent Reminders

It would be great to have persistent reminders, i.e. reminders which are not reset on customer answers.

Reminders can have two purposes (probably even more, YMMV)

  • For the ticket itself: Remind me, if a ticket hasn’t had a feedback from the user for some time. I can then ask for further instructions/information or close the ticket or whatever my policy dictates
  • For the agent: Remind me, that I have to do something related to this ticket at a certain time (e.g. revert a temporary customer configuration, install a package, deal with the ticket (see e.g. Let Ticket stay "remind me at" when the client answers)). These reminders I clearly do not want to be reset on customer responses, as I would have to set them again manually each time, which is a pain. Also I also might to have to note the reminder date in a separate post, so that I can look it up when I have to re-set it

For the latter case it would be great to have a flag for a reminder, that it can only be reset manually