Let Ticket stay "remind me at" when the client answers

  • Used Zammad version: 3.6
  • Used Zammad installation source:deb
  • Operating system: Ubuntu
  • Browser + version:

Sometimes, I put a ticket to “remind me at 5pm”.
For me, that meens: I don’t have the possibility to care now, I will care about at 5pm.

5 Minutes later, the Clients answers “I am very lucky about your call at 5 pm.”. The Ticket now is open, And if the SLA is set bad, I will get no reminder, a reminder to early or a reminder to late.

Can I somehow force tickets to stay in state “Remind me at”, whatever the client answers? A Client answer is for not in every case a reason to change the ticket state.

Technically you could force that situation with a trigger.
However, usually this is something you actually wouldn’t want in case your customer has something else like.

“Oh no important appointment got in, can’t join at 5”.
By default Zammad will notify you on the ticket update by mail and notification - that means you could jump into the ticket, see it’s not relevant and put it back into pending reminder.

If you choose the trigger approach, please keep in mind that “pending till” is never reset.
This means that it’s quite hard to filter for it in a good way.

Right now I have no idea to be honest.

Yes i See what you mean.
The Problem ist, that the “pending till” Date and time are resetted when a customer answers.

For example:

“I will Look at the Problem soon” - i Set pending till tomorrow 09:17.

The customer answers “thank you”. Pending till is Reset and I have to find out what time and Date was Set.

I Set the time and Date and the customer answers again:

“Forgot to tell, please also configure my Outlook”. And the Game begins again.

I want to be notified when a customer answers. But for us, we would have much less Work With Tickets, that keep the pending till state than With Always Finding Out what time (and state) was Set.

If i use a trigger, its No Problem setting it Back to pending till, by creating a custom boolean field “keep state when customer answers”.

But how can i tell zammad to keep the Set time and Date?

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Please have a look at triggers and the “pending till” attribute.
This should help you to built a trigger to achieve what you want, even through I’m not recommending this approach.

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