Parse mail body and fill ticket object attribute with information


we use an object attribute on the tickets to store an user_id from the support case. At the moment it is an manual task to copy the user_id from the mail body and save it in this field.

The mails we are working on are generated by an other application, so they are all in the same layout.

I would like to parse the mail body, maybe with a regex and automatically fill the filed with the user_id from that system.

As far as i understood, it is only possible to parse the subject and some header. But my information is in the body.

Does anyone have a solution for this?

Kind regards


  • Used Zammad version: 5.3.1
  • Used Zammad installation type: docker
  • Operating system: Linux / Container
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Hi Julian,

I am not aware of any build-in functionality that can do this but it is an easy to fix ā€œproblemā€ using an automation platform like

A scenario could look like this. You can set up a trigger in Zammad firing a webhook.

Using my ā€œspecialā€ link gets you 10.000 free operations instead of the usual 1.000.


Another use-case, I am searching a solution for, is to parse the auto-reply from a customerā€™s ticket system, which contains their ticket id, and put the result into a ticket attribute e.g. vendor_ticketid with an underlying URL, referencing the ticket in customerā€™s system, e.g. ā€œhttps://support.vendor.tld/ticket/zoom/#{ticket.vendor_ticketid}ā€.

For example in OTRS the grouped regex match is saved into the attribute via the filter action value ā€˜[ā€¦]ā€™.

Does anybody know whether there is something similar in Zammad?

Cheers, Schweigi

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