Overview quick search

Use case

Currently, it is hard for agents to filter overviews. As an agent, I would like to get a quick overview of all tickets of an organization for a specific ticket overview.

I also would like to filter the list to search for a specific ticket in that overview.

Expected behaviour

A new quick filter in the top only filters the result of the overview.

It searches in the following fields:

  • Title
  • Number
  • Owner
  • Customer
  • Group Name
  • Priority Name
  • Organization Name

Support Ticket





Overviews in Zammad are designed to be work lists for agents.

In the best case, worklists for agents are “empty”, then the agent has processed everything (this is the initial idea which we also pass on in workshops).

This brings me to the question why these work lists should be searchable (they should always be kept “maximally” small)?

Is there a use case here that illustrates the need of this search in an overview and why an overview has this high amount of tickets in there (this would help me to understand the need)?

And a second question in advance: Why not searching in whole ticket data (only in certain fields)?

The agents of the customer has a lot of an organization tickets and he can not create an overview per organization. Also he can not use the search because it does not respect the conditions of the overview it self. They want to use the filter mechanism to get a quick overview over the tickets of one overview for a specific organization.

In generally they would be also happy with the dropdown approach (Filters in overviews).

It does not matter how the search works. We can also use the elastic search full text search for this. I only did it because it was easier to test and might have less effort in the old tech stack. Should be also possible via AJAX request and returning ticket IDs which get filtered in the current overview based on the ES search.

For me as a kind of super agent who sees more groups than other, this might be very useful. I monitor the work of our agents, and for this i have to look at all groups in the overview.

Also i have groups for closed tickets where i have to search sometimes some informations. Tagging all tickets is not useful in every case.

I think for the primary usage this worklist idea is perfect, but I also think there are a lot of situations where there is a need for some custom lists or “live” filtering (especially in bigger systems, with more tickets/agents).
For sure the agent should not be able to “break” their own workflow.

  • For example, when you are a supervisor and you have a list of all escalated tickets and want to filter them by a “random” attribute (e.g. group, the owner, or maybe some custom object attribute).
  • Another use case could maybe that a normal agent has a defined workflow with the static worklist, but wants to filter down one list in a more specific way because he has today a different ticket focus (for this it would maybe be good that he could create a custom worklist from the “static” worklist).

So I personally would see such a direction (but more on the long run):

  • “static” lists
  • “static” lists with active “live” filtering (maybe the live filters can be saved as a “preset”)
  • “custom” agent list created from a “static” list

Thanks for all the feedback. For me (my personal opinion) the live search sounds more like a global search (here also all ticket attributes including attachments can get used for searching).

But the global search should support search templates, a search history and also a more intuitiv support to perform queries on individual fields.

For the overviews I like the idea to only use if for work lists.

@richie_77 Maybe also reporting (like with Grafana) could help you to monitor (and visualization) of agent work. Just an idea.

In my case this is more a monitoring in the way, what agents weote as note or reply to the tickets. Nothing that can be really visualized. (I dont know, if there is an option where answers can be Release by a supervisor, for instance when an agent goes his first steps with zammad and you want to be sure, that he responds in the right way to the customer)

I 100% agree, I have many agents waiting for a feature like this, me too. Their use case is exactly as you describe. I like a lot.

This is a very useful feature indeed for the managers / super-agents. Most of the commercial help desks implement a filter pane or column filters which quickly help managers to filter the list of tickets within a particular overview.

Quick Column filter approach (I guess would be most easy):

Filter pane approach (probably additional complexity):

Quick Filters + Saving Filters approach, where users can use both quick filter on columns as well as save the filters into a drop-down list for easy pre-fill (definitely a complicated implementation):

I hope you can visualize the value such filtering provides to the managers - it really helps them be more efficient as they typically oversee hundreds of tickets managed by their team.

If this is a feature implementation that can be prioritized by payment, may be we community members can do a crowdfunding campaign :smiley:


Sorry for the bad news but, as of now, this feature is not going to be implemented.

At least according to this threads tags.

Form our side search in overview also very needed feature.
I will explain our situation.
We are global company, we have around 250+ Agents, where 150 agent is online.
In Zammad we have all customer related deparments (teams) working, like Client support, Technical client support, Antimoney laundring support, Know your client support.
Those teams are separated by countries as well.
Today we have around 80+ diferent overviews, and we need more, but its getting very not user-friendly part. In general our job is defined by emails, and countries.

For example our Customer support Agent, handles 10 different cases working with customers, like General support, Backoffice work, Card accuiring support and many others.
We could put all those tickets into one overview, but we cant, due all of them has different SLA’s and also time to work with. So if in the morning Agent must work with General support tickets, backoffice work tickets will mix up with current task. Thats why we have them on different overviews. So for example Client support agent has at least 10 overviews. But we have another country, where we also dont wanna mix up with current country, so other country Agents has also 10 overviews.

We have no Overviews where it will be empty at any time, there are always some tickets, due incoming rate we have 3 tickets per minute. . It is always having tickets and always working :slight_smile:

Havin quick filters in overviews, we could group many diferent tickets into one overview (which are related in somecases) and Agent could filter out that info, to work more accurate, without distractions of others.

Other part - technical part. Having too much overviews also has huge impact on server, and its slows down.
Also premissions, where some departments has not to see other department overviews and etc.

Thats our one of the cases and this feature REALLY needed for bigger companies with many tickets, departments and customers. Thats the reality.

I will now close this “no implementation planned” feature request as I see no point in people keeping bumping it. Open a new feature request if you believe this needs a re-evaluation, please.