Filters in overviews

I would be perfect to have possibility to filter views in overviews. We can sort them now by clicking on Column name, but how to see all open tickets from one customer? We could have overview “open tickets” and only set filter on column.



Filtering on columns would be a feature we are also waiting for!

Despite the better solution would be, not to have so much open tickets… :wink:

Concerning your question "how do you see all open tickets from one customer?"
You could search for the customer and when you click on the customer you can see its closed and open tickets.

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There is a lot of different situations. You can imagine that You are manager of a suport team. You need to quickly check open tickets, than You want to filter tickets from one agent - because You saw something interesting., and then You want to filter them by organization.

I would appreciated also better filters in dates - Now there is no possibility to see all tickets from yesterday (without today tickets) - so maybe You can add between filter ?

And Would be perfect to use variable as “GetDate()” or sth like that. - We coule use it instead of 12 hours before - wchich sometimes is not that we want.

I totally agree to you. Especially if you are in the role of the team leader you need some filter options.

But right now there are now filters. So we have to use workarounds.

Have you tried to search for the tickets while there is no filtering?
Give it a try. It‘s pretty powerful.

You will find the search cheat here:

and they store a lot of attributes to search for:

So at least you will find your information.
It is not as convenient as a filter and I agree that a filter would but pretty cool but I think that the search will works for most requirements as a workaround.

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