Optimize preview and download for screenshots


we use Zammad sind some month and we love it! Thanks for that.

I asked our team for feedback after 6 month and one thing is a simple optimization.

If a ticket has an attachment (a picture) we have two options to see the picture. Oftern we receive a screenshot which is 1920x1080px big.
Way 1: Click on the link and the picture will be downloaded. Now I need to open it on my pc
Way 2: Click on the little preview before the name and see the picture in a popup

The way 2 is the prefered way because no download is needed. The picture is open in a popup but it is resized and very small. My idea is to add two oder maybe three buttons like this:


  1. link the text to the popup too
  2. Add an extra button for download and preview
  3. Maybe a third button for open in a new tab with resizing the image (at the moment we open the popup and do a right click on the image and say “open in a new tab”. Now we have the full 1920x1080)

I hope you understand that :smiley:


Hi @Dennis1993 ,

I like your feature request proposal that would improve nicely the user experience :+1:



we dealt with the very helpful Zammad support team directly until now and just got a hint referring to this forum.
Just made an account yet, but already found a topic referring to a problem we also got now.

Whenever we want to open an attachment, we have to download it first, nevertheless which browser we are running Zammad with. It would be very nice to get an option to have an instant preview by click on the document. Could be restricted to for example .pdf and .jpeg, maybe realized by a separate option to choose within the system settings? We are dealing with a lot of attachments, and it slows down our workflow a little to be forced saving it first and open this save later then. This topic was made back in the days, but it’s pointing out an actual problem we have.

Thanks for giving it a second look. :wink:


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