Only Allow Request from Certain Domains

We are planning on switching to Zammad for our helpdesk as we feel it has a lot of potential. One thing that would be nice to have is domain allow-listing. As this is an internal helpdesk we only need request to come from 1 domain. We would like the ability to set it so the only tickets we see are tickets that come from our domain, and not anyone else.

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Hi @H0FF3R

I guess that the fastest solution would be to tell Postfix to reject emails from domains other than yours…

Take a look at this instead of reading the whole Postfix documentation… this page links to it anyway :slight_smile:


Thank you for replying to me Martin. I have not tried your idea, but yesterday after posting this feature request I had an idea which actually ended up working.

What I did was I went into the admin setting in the web ui to see if I could set a trigger or something to do this. What I end up finding was in the email channel setting under filer was a way to create a dispatch rule that can see in the screenshot below. This will stop tickets from being created, but I am honestly not sure what happens to the email. Granted for my use case that is ok for the time being, as my team just wanted to find a way to stop spam from coming and to prevent people from trying to use the personal email to contact us.


Hi @H0FF3R

Smart! Thanks for sharing.


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