Native mobile apps

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I am just updating this here withe the project that I am working on right now for this.

It’s all open source and will be for sale on the iOS App store to help support development


Is there any more work on that? I would love to see native apps, but on Android, too.

Has this been launched anywhere? Is it available to side load if not?

It has not yet been deployed. It is built using Ionic (JavaScript base with Cordova and one other option for a backend) on top of React then just hits the Zammad API. It’s pretty straightforward, I just haven’t had a lot of time to work on it.

If you want to install it yourself, just download and run the ionic deploy commands and you are all set :slight_smile:

Feel free to contribute and/or download and install yourself. I haven’t seen much interest, so I haven’t bothered deploying to App Store. If there is interest, please let me know and I can get it wrapped up!


I’m definitely interested. We have 4000+ users on iPad and would like to drop a native app on their devices for opening tickets and have a native app so my agents can look up work on the go.

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we are also interested in an app :grinning:

If I can finish this up at put in on the app store for $0.99, would that still be of interest? (Source could always remaining open)


For me it is fair that you will be paid for your work - until now and in the future.
So just to get you right: when you say 0,99 - wherefore? One time, per user, per year/month?
And we are talking about iOS/Apple, yes?
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I’m thinking just $0.99 on the App Store one time purchase. I think Apple is one purchase per user but could be weong

Apple has both variants - account life time and recurring. Depends on the developer.
Any way - please keep in mind the trademark policy especially if you’re planning to get money for it (which is absolutely fine because you put effort and resources into the topic!):

Hello, i would buy the app.

If more functions are integrated, I would pay even more. Maybe you can check out Smartsupp.
We would like to use the Zammad Chat. We are currently using Smartsupp.

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Where can I track the current state of the app? GitHub?

Is there also maybe a patron or possibility to gift a coffee?

You can’t. It’s coming when it’s ready.


Hopefully „ready“ is coming soon. :blush:

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Would still be very, very great to have a mobile App…
Just to leave a comment here after this time

Not a mobile app but a mobile view and might be relevant:

I don’t think a dedicated mobile app on platforms will come any point soon. Not that I can tell if it’s planned or not. I just don’t see the use and sense personally unless people pay for the cost (as not just development but also keeping it up to date etc costs a lot of money).


Hello, and what about a PWA?

You haven’t read the linked announcement, have you?