Multiple Forms for different groups (in admin interface -> Channels -> Form)

It would be nice if one could be able to create multiple ticket-submit form and link them to different ticket groups!

Example: There are multiple Teams using the same zammad instance using ticket groups as means of separation - now both teams want to set up a form for their group.

It would be nice to see this in zammad :slight_smile:

Wouldn´t you request be fullfilled with the option to create different objects for different groups?
Check this FR:

I don’t need different ticket attributes for different groups, I just need to be able to set the group the ticket will be created in, as a parameter to the JavaScript, e.g.

    messageTitle: 'Feedback Form',
    messageSubmit: 'Submit',
    messageGroup: 'HR Team',
    messageThankYou: 'Thank you for your inquiry (#%s)! We\'ll contact you as soon as possible.',
    modal: true
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Ok. Now I understood what you mean.

Thanks for clarification.


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Dear @lpar,
Have you found a solution for this?
Thank you.

This is a feature request. Please don’t use it for your technical questions.