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I’m quite new with Zammad. We are evaluating it in the context of the IT helpdesk of our laboratory, to replace GLPI, currently used. One very useful feature in GLPI that doens’t seem to exist in Zammad is the possibility to add several customers in the ticket. The typical use case is a problem affecting several persons : one report the problem with we want to avoid every person affected by the same problem (and knowing the others, as they are all internal users) opens a new similar ticket. GLPI supports the concept of multiple customers : one opens the ticket and we (the operators) adds the other ones that get then notified on every action on the ticket.

Any plan to implement such a feature? Or any suggestion on how to implement this workflow with existing features?




Answering to myself, I realize that my post duplicates Add observers to tickets which is closed I think. Not easy to identify the related posts.

Answering again to myself… Even if the feature doesn’t exist in Zammad yet, I managed to find a workaround that may be useful for others: to involve somebody else than the initial customer, it is possible to answer the customer request using the “Reply” button rather than a note in the web discussion. The added recipient will receive the answer by email and if they answer the email (coming from the email address associated with the group), their answers will be added to the ticket.

I’m using Zammad 5.4.0, not sure if it was working before…



This post is a few months old, but I’m commenting here instead of creating a new one, to avoid unnecessary duplicates.

From what I can see, the post you linked to is about being able to assign multiple agents to a ticket, while you’re asking about being able to assign multiple customers. So I don’t believe you’re duplicating that post.

This is a feature I’m really interested in too. We’ve recently switched to Zammad as our internal service desk. Coming from Jira Service Management, we’re really missing the feature to be able to give multiple customers access to a ticket (request participants). I’ve jumped pretty deep into the customization of Zammad with triggers and the like, so I could probably throw together a solution to keep track of a list of CC’s, but we also want our customers to be able to keep track of tickets in the web view, not just by email.

I’m also slightly confused as to how this feature hasn’t been implemented yet, as there is already a similar thing, just for agents. Agents can manually subscribe to- or mention other agents in a ticket, to have them receive notifications on the ticket. I may be wrong, but I don’t see how it would be too difficult to add a similar feature for customers, which would also give them access to the ticket in the web view.

I reckon there are other people in my position too. With Atlassian Server products coming to their end of life in about 2 months, and the ridiculous price of Data Center licenses, many who are self-hosting Atlassian products like Jira Service Management are looking for alternatives. I’m very impressed with Zammad so far, and I hope the team considers this feature.


i agree very much.

that is exactly where we stand with our helpdesk.
so i voted up the OP.

thanks for providing zammad, thanks for working on this issue here!

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