Moving Articles to another ticket

Since the old ticket by @olafbuitelaar has been auto-closed without any response, I opening the same request again.

It would be highly useful to be able to move an article into another ticket in case a customer replies to the wrong ticket and/or an agent has made notes on the wrong ticket.

One way would be just to add a context action “move to ticket” which opens the same modal displayed during ticket merges.
There you would select the target ticket and click on a “Move Article” button to confirm.

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You may want to give the first article of the original feature request the “vote” / “heart”.
Opening duplicate feature request topics does not raise pressure / need and thus makes no sense.

We’re in general not talking about ETAs or roadmaps so you’re not gonna receive any useful feedback.

This was not about ETAs or roadmaps, just pointing out that there is interest in such a feature.
And seeing that the old ticket was closed and could not be replied to, I opted for creating a new one.

Not to “raise pressure”, just to open up a discussion about a possible feature and whether it makes sense or how one might add it.

But sure, I’ll keep that in mind and give tickets like those a “vote” or “heart”.

My use case is when a ticket needs to be split into two, but there are multiple articles for each ticket. I can split a single article into a new ticket, but if I want to move 3 different emails to a new ticket, I have to split 3 times, creating 3 new tickets, then merge those 3 new tickets together.

There has to be a better way, right?

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my use case would be a customer who does not comply to a one subject per ticket rule.

And / or customers just replying to any mail in order to get the mail adress rigth.

Also to new ticktes, that were created because the connection to the rigth ticket failed due to any reason. (relating tickets is no real help here).

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