More logical operators / condition blocks


Conditions overall would be a lot better to handle if we could use more OR/AND operators.

Explanation + Example

Right now we have two triggers for when a ticket is created and when a customer is changed doing the same thing.
Both triggers are looking up the same information about the customer and writing it down in a ticket field.

So in pseudo code:

Trigger 1
if (user.location = city1 AND user has changed) do something

Trigger 2
if (user.location = city1 AND ticket is created) do something

Currently i can’t simply combine all those conditions into one trigger because if i change the user afterwards the ticket is not created it’s just updated.

Again, in pseudo, it would be kinda like this:

Trigger 1+2
if (user.location = city1 AND ticket is created AND user has changed) do something

While, for this to work, it should be:
if (user.location = city1 AND (ticket is created OR user has changed)) do something

Here’s how our lifecycle management software is doing it:

I’m not saying copying this is the best way but something like this definitely would make setting up conditions a lot easier.


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