More actions for postmaster filter

It would be cool if we had more actions to choose from in the postmaster filter configuration.

Right now we can’t even add tags :frowning_face:


Good point… can you give some more examples.

Please see…


Now that i’m thinking about it there aren’t many things i’m missing right now:

  • tags
  • pending till

At least those are actions which actually are selectable in the trigger/macro menu.


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To add to that list: I would like to be able to add internal notes to tickets.

For example, we sometimes get rather technical looking mails from with a subject like DOMAIN REG SUCCESSFUL. These happen when our sales people register a new domain for one of our customers, but unfortunately our (rather buggy) CRM tends to crash during the registration. As the crash prevents the INWX API from returning the successful result to our CRM, it’ll now send this mail instead. The sales people of course want to know whether they were successful with their registration, but at the same time probably will be confused by these very technical looking mails. I want to set up a postmaster filter that will sort these mails into the Sales group, and the ability to add an explanation in an internal note would be very helpful here.