About the Feature requests category

We often receive feature requests… through all different channels. We’d like to have them all here in one place. So everyone, who is interested can participate.
Also we think about to introduce a community voting for features. We tried it at GitHub, which resulted in muddled pile of tickets.

So some rules:

  1. Features need to be usable / useful for everyone. No I need special Feature X for my specific use case.
  2. Feature requests need a detailed description. Maybe some mockup screenshots, if something is UI related.
  3. If you need a connection to another service, please provide the API URL / Documentation URL for this service.

I need a JIRA integration. Please make this happen.


I would like to see a JIRA integration to achieve the following:

  • Link ticket from Zammad to JIRA
  • Sync states between them
  • See current state of the linked JIRA ticket in Zammad and vice versa
  • It should be possible to add notes to a linked JIRA Ticket (incl. attachments)
  • It should be possible to receive notes from a linked JIRA Ticket (incl. attachments)

Link to the documentation: https://docs.atlassian.com/jira/REST/6.1/

This is just a small example. We will close any feature request which is just a “I need feature X or Y” without any detailed explanation.

Have fun.

Hey Hannes,
a voting system for feature requests is a very good idea. In the meantime I just wanted to ask how I shall upvote an existing feature request?
I found Object attributes role based to be very handy, as I just created new groups and they dont need the ticket objects I created for my team.

Since there was no comment for 60 days on the ticket, it auto-closed and I cant upvote any longer. Am I supposed to create a new thread and link to the first one?
I think it would make sense to be able to re-open tickets in category feature request, so that you can still receive upvotes for an FR.
Best Seb

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