Monitoring - Failed to run background job #1 'BackgroundJobSearchIndex'


  • Used Zammad version : 2.6.0-1534493073.5a723290.xenial amd64
  • Installation method : via DEB-Package
  • Operating system : Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS
  • Database + version : Postgresql 9.5+173ubuntu0.2
  • Elasticsearch version: 5.6.10
  • Browser + version : Firefox Quantum 61.0.2 (64-Bit)

Expected behavior:

  • Zammad Monitoring > Current Status
    OK, no problems in Monitoring.

Actual behavior:

  • Failed to run background job #1 ‘BackgroundJobSearchIndex’ 5 time(s) with 59 attempt(s).

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • receive or send messages with Excel files attached (xlsx, xls)

I have already found a thread for the status messages displayed.

I have run the code there. The status in the monitoring section was then “OK”.

items ='preferences.notification_sound.enabled:*', 3000, 'User')
items.each {|item|
  next if !item[:id]
  user = User.find_by(id: item[:id])
  next if !user
  next if !user.preferences
  next if !user.preferences[:notification_sound]
  next if !user.preferences[:notification_sound][:enabled]
  if user.preferences[:notification_sound][:enabled] == 'true'
    user.preferences[:notification_sound][:enabled] = true!
  next if user.preferences[:notification_sound][:enabled] != 'false'
  user.preferences[:notification_sound][:enabled] = false!

Delayed::Job.all.each {|job|

One day later, the previous monitoring status is displayed again.
When I rerun the code, I get the following messages:

Payload size: 0M
2018-08-17T17:15:07+0200: [Worker(host:zammad pid:24612)] Job BackgroundJobSearchIndex (id=223569) FAILED (12 prior attempts) with RuntimeError: Unable to process POST request to elasticsearch URL ''. Check the response and payload for detailed information:

#<UserAgent::Result:0x000055cf3e129400 @success=false, @body="{\"error\":{\"root_cause\":[{\"type\":\"illegal_argument_exception\",\"reason\":\"Limit of total fields [1000] in index [zammad_zammad_production] has been exceeded\"}],\"type\":\"illegal_argument_exception\",\"reason\":\"Limit of total fields [1000] in index [zammad_zammad_production] has been exceeded\"},\"status\":400}", @data=nil, @code="400", @content_type=nil, @error="Client Error: #<Net::HTTPBadRequest 400 Bad Request readbody=true>!">

2018-08-17T17:15:07+0200: [Worker(host:zammad pid:24612)] Job BackgroundJobSearchIndex (id=227549) COMPLETED after 0.0711
=> [#<Delayed::Backend::ActiveRecord::Job id: 225323, priority: 0, attempts: 12, handler: "--- !ruby/object:BackgroundJobSearchIndex\nobject: ...", last_error: "Unable to process POST request to elasticsearch UR...", run_at: "2018-08-17 21:00:45", locked_at: nil, failed_at: nil, locked_by: nil, queue: nil, created_at: "2018-08-17 13:10:26", updated_at: "2018-08-17 15:15:04">, 

Does anyone have an idea how I can find the cause of this behavior and let the BackgroundJobs run successfully again?

I’ve also added the following options in Elasticsearch:

zammad run rails r "Setting.set('es_attachment_ignore', [ '.png', '.jpg', '.jpeg', '.mpeg', '.mpg', '.mov', '.bin', '.exe', '.box', '.mbox', '.xls', '.xlsx', '.xlsm', '.doc', '.docx' ] )"

Thanks for your help and support.

That’s an error from elasticsearch, I’m not sure what exactly is going on so you might want to wait for someone else to respond, but here are some urls on how to increase the field limit. No idea if increasing the field limit is a good idea, or if the error indicates some other problem that needs addressing.

Is there any solution? I have similar or even same problem.

OS: Debian 3.16.51-3+deb8u1 (2018-01-08)
Zammad: 2.6.x
ES: “version” : {
“number” : “5.6.11”,
“build_hash” : “bc3eef4”,
“build_date” : “2018-08-16T15:25:17.293Z”,
“build_snapshot” : false,
“lucene_version” : “6.6.1”

Using command

zammad run rake searchindex:rebuild


Limit of total fields [1000] in index [zammad_production] has been exceeded

Also looks like that id of problematic ticket is random and even shows in tickets without any attachment.
My Elastic skills equal to zero… but increasing value using

curl -XPUT "" -d '
"index" : {
"mapping.total_fields.limit" : "2000"

didn’t works - look like that indexing config is reseted after using a searchindex:rebuild.

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