Mismatch ticketnumbering between URL and #number


  • Used Zammad version: 3.5.x
  • Used Zammad installation source:
  • Operating system: na
  • Browser + version: na

Expected behavior:

  • The ticketnumber and the number in the end of the URL are the same.

Actual behavior:

  • The number of the URL is +1 higher than the actual ticketnumber.

231926 and on the URL: …/#ticket/zoom/1927

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  • This happened last August and we do not know what caused it.

How to correct this. It can lead to miscommunication with customers because we sometimes copy-paste the link into other communications (mail or WhatApp) to reference to a ticket.

Thanks in advance.


We have the same problem here.
The URL is +4 higher than the actual ticketnumber.

I hope someone could tell us, how to fix it.

Did you possibly merge the tickets in question?
Maybe this also affects ticket that have been removed and the increment was the last one.

Is this technically really an issue if the ID and the number of a ticket differ?
I’m really curious.

We’ve identified this to be if a ticket disappears, possibly from corruption as no manual deletions were used.

You can find your missing tickets pretty quick by doing the 50% range:
Enter a random low number ticket until you find one that URL and ticket match:
/10001 for example
then find a ticket that doesn’t match,
/19001 for example.
Then test:
14501 match yes, then try 17501, or no match try 12501.
Then keep doing half match or no until you find the missing ticket.

Yes I think this is an issue, as often ticket numbers are shared in other platforms and the URL should reflect the ticket number since that’s how it was expected to function. If the URL was completely abstracted from the ticket number that would be different, however I think it’s expected they should match, as they only don’t match when this happens.

BTW our first missing ticket was number 27812. So almost 30k tickets before an issue, but from there on out they’re off.

We have identified our missing ticket as: 231066
Is there way to insert a number somehow to correct this issue?

@MrGeneration it is not a technical issue, but it is annoying because when reffering/sharing a link to another (messaging)application we often would copy the url. When then reading this on your smartphone and want to quickly enter it in the PC’s webbrowser within Zammad we search for the ticketnumber part. When it matches, you get to the correct ticket. Now you don’t. Than you have to wonder, was it +1 or -1 from what I see in the URL?? So, annoying…

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There is a difference between ticket number and ticket ID.
In the URL you get the ticket ID where you get the ticket number above/inside the ticket.

You can change the ticket number under settings-Ytickets->numbers, so they don’t match at all.


As I’ve explained to @MrGeneration we would very much like to have a match between URL and ticketnumber. So your answer is not really a solution (at all).

This is not a bug or an unwanted behavior, so there will be no solution to your “problem” (I guess).
Sure, this might be big a problem for you and/or many but so far everything works as expected.

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