Microsoft 365 Mailbox Setup

Hi everyone,

So before Microsoft switched to Modern Authentication we were using a shared mailbox from our Exchange Online Server.

Than the switch to Modern OAuth happened and so we implemented that - so far so good.
I’ve also seen a Mailbox thread in here that describes on how to setup probably but i think i did something wrong.

Link to Thread:

So basically i have a shared mailbox setup that has an email address:
which i redirected all emails to my company office account

I than configured my company account into zammad and setup a filter that should put all emails coming from support to an Zammad Group. (And yes i watched closely that i put the filter on the To Field since it is redirected)

But now i get in all Emails from my account - what did i do wrong?

And also if there is a better way i’m more than open for ideas.

I’m using Zammad Version 5.4.1.

I’m not sure I understand exactly how you have those emails filtered, but why aren’t you using in Zammad? If those are the emails that you want tickets created from, why isn’t Zammad monitoring that inbox?

Yeah that worked before Micorsoft did that change - since is a shared mailbox which has no password and so that i can implement it via imap

So since i did that switch to m365 modern authentication, i have created an email loop which i cant seem to stop.All of my Mails form my work account which i get created as tickets and so i get a mail every 2 seconds.

I have removed the Microsoft Accounts from Zammad.

I tried removing the outbound email account but there is no delete button.

Even if i stop zammad on my server the mails get send continuosly

I use a shared mailbox. Easiest way to make a shared mailbox work is to make it a normal mailbox, set it up in Zammad, then switch it back to shared.

So that means i need a license for that converted “shared” mailbox too?

Yea, but only temporary. Maybe 15-30 minutes.