Merge tickets automatically

we use the version 3.4.X.
I need your help, maybe someone can help me.
Is it possible to merge two tickets automatically if they have the same title? Background is that the tickets come from another customer ticket system to the same topic…

If you advised your customer to create uniform subject for every concerns or ticket. you can use the trigger features,

But i think thats not good idea to auto merge for same subject what if you have different customer and created tickets with the same subject but different locations how you will manage different tickets.

Hello sinichi19,
thx for your reply.
Can you explain please how I can trigger this? I would like to do it with the title. It’s different for different topics. Thank you!

Please update to Zammad 4.1 as soon as possible.
You’re prune to a lot of security issues you may want to have solved.

Zammad does not provide a automatic merge function.
However, Zammad does recognize duplicate mail and merges those automatically if both tickets are created in a short period of time.

This requies especially the sender and subject to be the exact same.
I believe the time period is 24 hours, can’t tell for 100%.

Would have to look into source code and am missing the time to do so (sorry, takes me 30min+).

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