Make objects non editable to customers

Dear Zammad Dev team,

I would love to be able to decide if a customer can edit or not an object.
For example I may decide the add a custom reference to a case, and I need my customers to be aware of it (so visible). But not necessarily allow them to change this value (editable).

I could be wrong, but I believe this is not possible currently.

Giving more granularity in access rights would definitely help building much informative views.



Hi Adam,

this has been asked for before:

I would love to see this option coming in one of the next releases.


Hi @MrGeneration

the thread Option "Viewable" for ticket objects is closed so I can’t reply on it anymore. But since this thread is about the same feature I just wanted to ask if there is any update on this?

I didn’t see anything on the changelog of 4.0.0 and there hasn’t been any updates for a while on GitHub: Read-only custom objects · Issue #2102 · zammad/zammad · GitHub

Thanks for any updates or ETA.


Sorry but discourse closes threads automatically after some time.
This does not indicate any features being released at all.

Github issues are the golden thing. They will be updated if anything moves.
We in general don’t provide any ETA, sorry.

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