Make login screen configurable

Hello all,

as we are opening up Zammad for usage of a lot of users we have the need of further configuring the login screen. This specifically applies to the following:

  • Items that should be displayed or hidden (texts, buttons)
  • Button naming (for login methods)

This for us boils down to a simple Logo and a button titled “Login” in the end (and the Zammad logo etc). We do this from preventing users to use features they should not and in the end creating tickets for paths they should not use.

What we did is we created a derived Dockerfile, exchanged the login form with our own version and recompile it in the process of deploying. Maybe others have that need too…



We would love to see more configuration options for the login sceen

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I too currently modify the CSS for our login page and recompile. It is unfortunately not update safe so I hold patches longer than I would prefer.

Though it isn’t exactly the same, would you mind hearting the following feature requests as they are in the same vein and already have some traction:

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