Rename 3rd Party Integration Logins


I use Zammad v. 3.4 and use SAML Login.

Is it possible to rename the Login Buttons? Would be great for our user experience.


Sorry, it’s not possible to rename these login buttons without code changes that aren’t update safe.

We see the same inconvenience, since SAML isn’t a well known term in our user base.
We would need to have some kind of “COMPANY Login” as the button name

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Customization to the login window would be great. Especially now that SSO, SAML etc have such a foot hold. Having the built in login dialogue is confusing for our users.

Please don’t mention me out of the blue it causes notifications on my end.
If you want the feature, vote the first article with the heart because that’s what we’re looking for.

I know changes to this page aren’t update safe, but does anyone know where the file / code location would be to make modifications to the login page? I’m mostly interested in hiding the built in login, but greater modifications would be useful as well. I’m fine with scripting out my updates to handle re-applying my changes if they get broken after updates.

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