Make auto response check configurable

Hi all,

I’d just like to drop you a quick thank you for Zammad! We’re currently exploring it as a Zendesk alternative and I really like it so far :slight_smile:

Once thing I would really love to see however is a configurable auto response check behaviour. We have a few Google groups receiving incoming messages which are then redirected to our support mailbox (sometimes only temporarily).

For such messages, no auto replies are being sent even though the default auto reply is enabled (which came as a surprise, seeing this worked with the old/closed source ticket system).

Reading through Default auto reply trigger failure - #5 by MrGeneration explains why this is happening: Google adds a Precedence: list header to all forwarded messages, causing the check in zammad/auto_response_check.rb at develop · zammad/zammad · GitHub to kick in.

It’d be awesome to have this configurable in a way that survives Zammad upgrades and doesn’t require changing the source code. I appreciate the default settings very much, but seeing this has come up once or twice before here on the forum and on GitHub it would be nice to let Zammad users configure this behaviour.

Thank you so much for considering!