Make Agent Notifications editible via UI

It would be nice if there are more placeholder for email notification.(Maybe usable in other parts of the system?)


I tried to setup trigger, which allow our agents to work just via email if they want to.
Now they are getting an email for every ticket created in their group and when they answer on this email, the answer gets into the ticket. This works also for our customers.
In the email I try to give every neccessary information like in the UI, for the email to the agents I use the following placeholder:

This works fine but for example, it is not possible to send attachments with these emails. Attachments are just accesable within the web interface.

Some things that could be helpful in my opinion:

#{article.all} for a full history of the ticket
Something that returns the last customer/agent answer and not the really last answer


For us this would be a usecase too!

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