Macro with Reply Action

Hello Everyone,

Coming from Zendesk, one of the most used features in our company was macros to provide common answers. I already checked the documentation and checked all the configuration parameters in my demo instance but wasn’t able to find anything similar to that. Did I missing this important feature or is it not possible to do this at the moment?

It’s perfectly possible with triggers. Triggers are activated when changes occurs to the fields configured.

But this isn’t very intuitive / user friendly as triggers are somewhat hidden to the agents. The functionality I am look for is:

  1. Open Ticket
  2. Select marco “Computer not working”
  3. The macro automatically fills the reply field with a predefined text (text module) (perfect would be to also attach a predefined attachment), which is editable before sending out

If I configure a trigger to do something similar to this:

  1. I need to define a special tag, the agent has to know (in order to set a correct filter)
  2. The agent is not able to edit the reply before that
  3. The conversation is not visible in the ticket history

Did you consider using the built-in text templates / text modules?

Yes, we use it as kind of a workaround, but it’s not as powerful as I wish for.

Basically I would like a macro to be able to:

  1. Reply action
  2. Insert a text module (preferability with a predefined attachment)
  3. Set status to pending reminder/close
  4. Set pending till to now + 7day (which also does not seem to be possible at the moment)

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