Integrations are Zammads "plugins"/"extensions"/"addons" right?

I was looking for information on ways to extend Zammads functionality without adding code to its core codebase. I believe the word that the Zammad community uses for this is integration, is this correct?

I was looking for “plugin”, “extension”, “addon” and couldn’t find a lot.

(I’m also asking this question explicitly so others searching for these keywords find this post and discover they need to search for “integration” instead :slight_smile: )


as far as I’m aware we don’t have community addons yet.
Integration is not the word you’re searching for, as integrations live in our codebase (like LDAP does) - you’re searching for “package(s)” and “addon”. Addons basically can extend Zammad with further features - that’s correct.

We currently have no real developer documentation we can share.
The only leading topic for this is: Custom plugin to parse ticket content but you already found that one. :slight_smile:

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