Importing Tickets and Articles using the API

I’m trying to migrate my tickets / articles from another ticket system using the API.
This works fine so far. However I encounter a few difficulties:

  • When creating a ticket, I can add "state" => "closed", for old tickets. However, when I add additional articles to the ticket, the customer gets notified on each and every update. How can I silently add articles to the tickets?
  • When I add attachments to an article via the API, a questionmark symbol surrounded by a square border is displayed as an icon in front of the files, even though I have assigned a mime-type. When a ticket is added via an email with attachments, the files do have an Acrobat Reader symbol for PDF-files and a preview / thumbnail in case of a PNG image file. Is this an issue with the API or am I doing something wrong?
  • I would like to set the original timestamps for the ticket creation, but when I add a created_at field it seems to be ignored. The ticket is still displayed with the current creation time.

Any hints or ideas on this would be greatly appreciated!

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Hi Andreas,

This might help you:

Rails Console:

Setting.set('import_mode', true)
Setting.set('system_init_done', false) 

You will have to set a date for the ticket as well as for the article. I had the same issue where I created tickets with a historical date but because I didn’t set that date for the article, the article was created with the current time and the ticket was listet as a recent ticket instead as an old ticket.


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Thank you very much @ecomsilio, that was really helpful!

Looks like the only issue I still have is that the imported files don’t show an icon / thumbnail.
Have you also imported files / attachments?

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No, I haven’t tried attachments.
I can’t help you with that unfortunately.

Thank you again @ecomsilio, you have solved two issues out of my three-part-question.
After fiddling with the issue of not correctly displayed thumbnails in front of attachments, when they were added via API, I decided to accept your answer as a solution and create an issue at GitHub:

This issue also contains a full example to make it easier to understand / reproduce the issue.

With kind regards


Good afternoon, could you please send your script for importing applications. I would be very grateful to you!