Ignore followup - mantain ticket closed or pending reminder


  • Used Zammad version: 3.0
  • Used Zammad installation source: docker
  • Operating system: Ubuntu 18
  • Browser + version: any

Expected behavior:

  • Ignore replies to a ticket until agent decides

Actual behavior:

  • Every reply reopens ticket

Steps to reproduce the behavior:

I.e. when there’s a ticket with many peoples involved, there’s an ongoing discussion but the agent just needs to be CCed until the parties decide what to do.

Other situation: a ticket is created with a deadline, and until that time all replies should be logged but shouldn’t trigger an action.

One more: you are in a mail loop, agent has done all their duties and closes the ticket, but as others’ discussion goes on ticket is reopened.

In all these situations it would be helpful to be able to stick a ticket to pending reminder (or closed) no matter if a follow up has been received or not.

Is it already possible to achieve this? Or there should be an enhancement request? Thanks

As far as I’m aware this is not possible at the moment, however, @thorsteneckel might correct me here. :smiley:

Hey @maxxer - thanks for the detailed description. I have no good gut feeling when not changing the ticket state on replies. This might lead to the situation where the agent forgets to change the state which then leads to confusion and unhandled tickets. Instead I think it would ease the process to apply the same state as before with an easy action, like macro or dedicated link. There has to be an issue somewhere describing this.

One workaround I can think of is to have a custom attribute on the ticket that the agent can set, let’s name it “Vivid discussion”. An additional state is required, let’s say “Ongoing discussion”*. Then define a Trigger that set’s the custom state whenever a Customer article is created to a Ticket with the custom attribute set.

* You can add custom states as described here.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll have a look if it’s worth :slight_smile:

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