Https format is throwing CSRF exception

I raised a request on this on December 15th 2021. Can someone please help me on this.


Sorry but this is a free community.
This also means that you may not receive help at all or very slow / late.

Bumping things usually doesn’t help as well.

Hi, try forum search. The problem has been solved before. It seems to be related to google Chrome. Have a look

Is it possible to reopen closed topics or do we always have to create new ones when they are closed?

Discourse closes them automatically.

If a thread is dead I don’t see good reasons why to keep it alive.
Also if a thread is solved and closed, I don’t see why constant bumps of “me too” and “how did you fix I have the same but different issue” will be of any use.

This will just bloat up threads and reduce overview drastically.
You can actually see this on some other threads that are still open where people keep posting different issues.

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