HTTP basic authentication Is that possible?

  • Used Zammad version: 2.4.x
  • Used Zammad installation source: (source, package, …)deb
  • Operating system: Debian 8.8
  • Browser + version: Actually Firefox

Expected behavior:

  • User login via URL like:

Actual behavior:

  • User can login via URL but the browser shows no item (no Dashboard etc.)

I like to access a view on my Zammad server.
I tried different user and groups.
But if I open the URl, Firefox shows a blank Zammad frontend.

I’m not sure it will be work?
HTTP basic authentication Is that possible?


Hi @Trenga - It is! We actually use it on most of our controller tests. All you need to do is to make sure the Basic HTTP Authorization header is set properly:

Hi @thorsteneckel

Thanks for the fast help.
OK then I think I have another problem.
If I login with my URL I see this.

Are there any entries in your browser console? If you login with the same account via the regular login flow the result differs?

With the regular Iogin I get the normal zammad frontend.

Can you post your Login URL Example ?

Hi Max
Like this:


Same user and password.

Do I need a specially setup on my nginx server like a .htpasswd file???

Trenga i dont understand your example for example my Usernam are my Password helloworld and my zammad login site are how the use can now login to the Frontend from zammad with http ?

Hi @Max
Then I would be try:

http://dGVvQGx1bGEuY29tOmhlbGxvd29ybGQ=@login.ghueheiw.com2 (created with a Basic Authentication Header Generator)

Good morning @thorsteneckel

Do we need a specially setup in the:

Thanks in advance. Have a nice long weekend.

If i search in the URL Bar from Firefox at nothing happen. it only say that dont need login name and password. Should i activate in Zammad anything i only see http basic authentication with curl ?

That is also my question in our cummunity :slight_smile:

Hi @Max

Could you post a snap-shoot of your login page?

The Standard Zammad Login Page :

I thing nobody can help us :frowning: We need only a Link or an html / php code that allow to Login over extern login form to zammad i don’t want to login over the original zammad login form

Hi again

If I try

Then I get a small windows like this:


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@Trenga i have the same problem too.

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