How to setup less privileged role or permission or process whereby a new agent may only save shared draft or submit reply that is first assigned to be reviewed and approved by other supervisor agent before the reply message is released to customer?

I would like to onboard new agents to begin training and learning zammad without the ability for their ‘reply’ or new ticket to be sent out to customer.

I would like a new permission or any other possibility for agents in training for their ‘reply’ or new ticket to be assigned to another supervisor agent to review and approve release of their ‘reply’ or new ticket.

I recognize that release 5.1 offers Shared Draft feature New Release: Zammad 5.1
However, the large blue ‘Update’ button makes it too easy for an agent in training to accidentally press instead of the smaller arrow button next to it in order to find ‘Save Draft’.

Perhaps, if there was a permission or configuration to change zammad behavior for agents in training so that the ‘Update’ button performs the same function as ‘Save Draft’ for replies, without submitting reply to customer.

Initially I searched the community forum and I found some older topics posted with similar requests which appears some other zammad users would like to see a similar feature

Thank you