How to change Zammad logo on the page tab and on top-left corner?

Dear Experts,

How can we change the logo as circled in my screenshot? I didn’t see any documents regarding this.

Thanks a lot!

zammad logo

This question was already answered here: Change Notifications Logo "Bird Logo" - #2 by svnr-dvnkln

I’m not really sure how to change that logo, do we need to create our own svg file then replace it from the path?

This really should be part of the branding section of Zammad. Even in the open source variant. I don’t mind if it says Zammad on it, or links to Zammad, but logos otherwise should be controllable without any of these shenanigans being required. “Powered by Zammad” on the login page, sure, and the logo there, for the FOSS variant, but not in the agent or customer UI.