Group Overviews (Parent/Child or Category)

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My first feature request is to add either a child/parent relationship or Categorise Overviews. For example, we have groups of tickets which change status/tags based on the real life status but they all fall under the same Provisioning group. I am not fussed if the parent Overview must also be an overview itself or whether it’s merely a heading.

I’ve created a mockup to explain better hopefully - so in this example, Prov - Activations, Appointments etc would sit under the Provisioning heading. Because we need to have so many overviews, this way is to simply keep the Overview sidebar neat and tidy when opening.


+1 would be helpful in processes outside of pure support scenarios

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We would love a grouping functionality too. Maybe this could even be used to reduce load for zammad if a group is collapsed the hidden overviews don’t have to be calculated.

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That’s -currently- not how Zammad works.

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