GDPR related: Change or disable agent email templates in the backend (by admin for all agents)

As an ADMIN user we would like to be able to do the following things in the Zammad backend:

  • control or disable notifications for all agents (and force that agents cannot change this setting … like a group policy)
  • change the content of the notifications templates instead of doing in in the filesystem like
    described here System Notifications — Zammad documentation in app/views/mailer/ticket_create/de.html.erb)

Why is the default email content problematic?

Because it contains the full content of the ticket, and thus contains potentially PII data (Personal Identifiable Information).

This is a problem for GPDR / DSGVO and compliance audits.
We are required to make sure to have full control over the data flying around.
Having ticket content distributed to multiple agents via email is a compliance and GDPR nightmare when it comes to “Right to be forgotton”. Because when a customer requests data removal then you not only have to remove information from a central place like Zammad, but also from all other places like all email mailboxes of all agents. That’s why we would like to enforce the rule:
No ticket content in emails of agents.

What we would like to configure instead:

  • agents should not receive notifications via email at all. They should be logged in to Zammad. There are the browser notications which are enough. Agents should also not be able to customize this. Only the admin dictator :wink: should do this.

  • if forcing disabling is not possible, we would at least reduce the notification content to the minimum information, so that the agent just knows there is a new ticket waiting in Zammad. Nothing more.

    • ticket id
    • creation time
    • link to ticket
    • no ticket-subject , no ticket-content, no usernames, no firstname lastnames.


  • we are currently telling each agent to disable the notification and just have Zammad browser open
  • additionally we hacked the file app/views/mailer/ticket_create/de.html.erb and override the file via ansible when deploying Zammad (to make sure it does not get reverted somehow).

We are coming from Freshdesk and besides other points which let us choose Zammad, they are doing a pretty good job in configuring of the email templates in the UI.

Ideally all this should be possible in the backend.
Or maybe the same stuff could be done via triggers.

It would be great to see improvements in this regard.
Let me know if I should provide more information.


You found the correct hints within the documentation but still overwrite repo contained files instead of using custom files? I don’t get it. You could save yourself a little stress.

You are right, I didn’t notice the .custom suffix. I should have written “we plan to override this… still new, still learning…”

But that’s not my point. My point and feature request is, if this could make it into the backend, so that an Admin user can set this up in Zammad without touching anything on the filesystem level.

It would be great to find out with you guys what this would require, which areas would need to be touched etc.

I did get your point don’t worry. :slight_smile:
I just wanted to point out that there’s an update save way.

The community will vote on your first article which will indicate how important the feature to the community is.

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