Fresh install 3.2.x: CSRF token verification failed

on a fresh install of Zammad 3.2.x (source installation on ubuntu 18.04 lts) I get

“CSRF token verification failed!”

on all logins after the initial configuration step (initial setup of an admin user was successful). I can not find any documentation/FAQ with infos on this and the logfile is also not very informative.

Any ideas how to debug?
Thx, Thommie

Note beforehand: Zammad 3.2 is the development state of Zammad and thus for testing only.
Supporting this is very limited.

Please also provide the used Browser.
Did you try reloading the page and simply to try again?

Did all migrations run through cleanly?

Oh, sorry, I thought this is a productive version. The VERSION and CHANGELOG files did not contain infos about the dev status :wink:

Browser is latest Firefox, but the same issue appears with Chromium/Chrome, also after refresh and bypassing browser cache.

As this is a empty installation right now, what would be best: re- install a stable version or continue with 3.2 and debug it? If it is ore or less “alpha” I would prefer an older version but if its more “beta” or close to release we can do some debugging on it …

Bye., Thommie

Honestly, I’d prefer a stable instance on your end without any betaing ;D

However, I do run 3.2 instances which are working without any trouble, so if you’re using any specific addons, those might be at fault as well. Also ensure that your migrations are fine ( rake db:migrate ) .