Float/Double type field in custom object attributes


I would like to be able to add a field to a ticket for the purpose of tracking an amount of time using floating point numbers.

When I attempt to add an attribute in Zammad, I can only see a field for ‘integer’. There is no option for floating point, decimal number, or double.

An example of this is a custom field that holds a floating point value of 3.75. I can work around this using a text field, but it’s not an elegant solution when performing analytics.

It would be nice if Zammad supported floating point type numbers in object attributes.


Hi, you have the functionality time accounting, with this functionality the agent puts in the amount of time worked on the ticket in minutes.

You can find more information to the time accounting here in the documentation:

I would rather solve the general case here - the example I gave was only an example which lead me to discover the underlying problem.
Floating point numbers are a valid use case for ticket attributes.

Have a look if there’s a feature request already and if not create one here: