Fill customer fields via Postmaster Filter

Hi, since apparently it is not possible to modify ticket customer data in Postmaster filters, I’d like to request this feature.

Why should this be useful for all Zammad users?

For everyone who wants to offer a good support service it’s essential to keep an eye on the customers data, especially the contact data. When using email as single input channel for a Zammad system, there’s no possibility to do that (except manual administration) due to the fact that there is no Customer object available in the Postmaster filters action area.

Also web forms that are only capable of sending emails could transfer detailed customer data in this way.

What is to do?

I’ll give you an example: We receive many emails from a callcenter that answers all our customers calls. They do some basic topic and data requests, make some basic presorting and finally send an email in a given format to an email address that is forwarded to our internal Zammad system.

A simplified example mail code could look like this:

From: Nice Callcenter <>
Subject: New call 'Customer request about...', phone: +4912345678
Reply-To: John Doe <>

Hello OurCompany team!

#firstname: John
#lastname: Doe
#phone: +4912345678
#customer_no: 9988552211

#text: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed
diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna.

The tickets customer seem to be accessible at the time of postmaster filtering, because the email and name in the Reply-To header modify the ticket customer data.

So it seems we only need a possibility to analyze the email fields by regex and fill the customer data with some substitutions:

Further proposals are welcome :slight_smile:


You currently have to use the API. Postmaster Filter use match value - #5 by wucherpfennig

It is cumbersome and adds a lot of overhead to obtain “basic” information but there is currently no other way.

@wucherpfennig Yes, I know that. Unfortunately our Zammad system is not accessible from “outside”, so neither the callcenter nor web forms can use the API. That’s why I have requested this feature for usage in Postmaster filters. :slight_smile:

:+1:t2: TBH before we moved our instances outside of our intranet we had some custom php scripts doing basic operations like this: GitHub - zammad/zammad-api-client-php: PHP API client for Zammad Helpdesk/Support system