Postmaster Filter use match value

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Is there a way to use the match value to set a field?

Currently we (in OTRS) have such filters in place:


set field:


is this even possible in Zammad?

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Should be possible.
But: I did not check the regex at any point.

You can find more information about using regex within postmaster filter here:

Thank you for the reply!

Well I know that the regex works since it is writing “[***]” into the desired field but not the found value… eg in this case the customers email address.

Oh my bad!
No that’s not possible with regex, sorry.

You could use the API though.

Edit: Do you mind me asking why you need to write the mail address of the customer in a custom field?
I’m asking because Zammad already holds that information in the UI…

  • too bad… We depend on those kind of functions to extract data from the mails like order / invoice numbers etc. (eg. “INV0001” > “0001”)
  • api is possible but overcomplicated

We use the “#customer” tag to “bounce” emails since we are using O365 and microsoft does not allow bouncing via email client.

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