Feature-Request: Simple import progress report

A progress update would be great in the OTRS migrator.
Afaik a very simple one would do already a great job:

  • fetch total count of articles from OTRS on start
  • update on every batch (otrs.rb variable “limit”) the processed articles in the form
    x / processed

it would make the life much easier for admins to extrapolate how long the migration will take.

If you can point me where I can find this data (or how to retrieve) I would be maybe able to contribute this feature:

  • where can I fetch the total amount of Tickets and Articles in OTRS?
    • are the Tickets always taking the most time for the migration?
  • and wishes how to integrate this feature?
    • the file lib/import/otrs.rb looks very promissing to add this feature into

@thorsteneckel maybe? When he finds spare time, I made him a bit busy… :stuck_out_tongue:

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