Execute REST URL on user creation/update


Wondering if you can confirm if its possible and if yes, give some guidance to achieve the following.
I’d like for ZAMMAD to execute a rest url whenever a new user is created/updated. The end goal is for each user to be duplicated in the website cms, this way sharing the same credentials between zammad and the website.

The CMS is wordpress. It would be possible to use ZAMMAD API to do it the other way around (wordpress -> zammad) but I’d prefer for ZAMMAD to be the central piece in regards to managing user access.

I’m sorry, but Zammad doesn’t provide webhook functionalities to trigger a url call to another system.
You can, at any time, poll the Zammad API forusers that have been created in a specific time span.

Not sure if that will help you.
The question and goal sounds similar to one of your earlier posts:

I’m afraid my answer hasn’t changed much since then.
For completeness, these documentation pages should help you for that goal:

Thank you for pitching in, I appreciate it.
Yes, the questions are related. The difference is that one was to ask if a solution is already developed, and the other (this one) is about a possible way to achieve it.

The problem with using ZAMMAD API is that it won’t share the password, meaning that it won’t be possible to replicate the credentials onto the second system. The objective is to create users in ZAMMAD and those users being able to login to other sites outside of ZAMMAD using the same credentials they use to login to the support desk.

Problem to be solved.
Users have access to resources (i.e. files for download) that sit in a website, and support is provided via ZAMMAD. Asking the users to create two accounts is a bit… too much.

Clarification: It could be done the other way around, by creating the users in the second system and then push them to ZAMMAD via the API. But that’s where the second details comes in, which is that the people vetting and creating the users and the ones providing the support, thus why it needs to be done via ZAMMAD.

Do you have any idea on how to approach this?

Zammad doesn’t share the password because it’s been encrypted.
Don’t get me wrong, that’s good!

The easiest way would be to use SAML authentication for both sides.
You don’t create an account on either system, but on our authentication source.

At least for Zammad the account then is being created if the user logs in for the first time (so on demand).

Can’t talk for wordpress, but there’s plenty plugins:

Yeah, thought about that but the problem is that it would require the user to register first.
While the workflow here is for each user to be registered by the team. It’s a closed support system not open to the public.

This is to be part of clients onboarding.
Once you’re a client, the team will create a user account in ZAMMAD for you. Well, that’s the plan.
Now I’m wondering if its feasible, what you think? Should this idea be scrapped?

Also, any idea if webhooks are part of the ZAMMAD future? maybe even Integromat and Zappier.