WordPress User Sync


Not sure if this has been approached yet but from my search, it hasn’t, and maybe for a good reason.
I’m wondering if anyone has made a plugin to sync WordPress users with Zammad?

On user registration, the same username/password would be used to automatically create an account in Zammad.

Sorry but that sounds out of scope of the Zammad application.
Technically this would already be possible by using Zammads API.

So my guess is that you’d need a plugin or script for the wordpress site.
This is out of our scope.

More on our API: https://docs.zammad.org/en/latest/api/intro.html


I agree, unless you want to make an entry into the WordPress plugins repository to reach a wider audience. Like other similar applications do :slight_smile:

So it was worth asking, I’m going to consider building a plugin to connect WordPress and Zammad vs choosing some other platform.

Thanks for the quick response, and for taking the time to find and share the link :slight_smile:

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We are currently not planning to implement this feature request due to missing feedback / hearts from the community. This might change in future.