Ex OTRS user missing queues, help required dividing users


I just successfully installed zammad 2.6.x on Ubuntu 16.04. The installation went very smoothly, the documentation is excellent and easy to follow!

However, after installation, I am struggling to implement user - group - role - queue assignment, as previously done under OTRS.

Here is what I need:

Imagine a company that wants to use Zammad for internal ticketing and issue tracking. There is a larger number of users and a sub-group of agents. We only want to use the web frontend to submit tickets.

Users should be devided into groups, each group membership granting access to only a certain type of ticket (in OTRS, we used queues). This is necessary, because some tickets are sensitive in nature, e.g. harrassment complaints, reports on breach of security, HR stuff, etc. so only a designated group of people should have access.

In some cases, users should only be able to create tickets, but not even to see other peoples tickets listed. Sometimes access can be more generous, allowing for a full listing of all tickets and possibly sharing among users of that group.

Also, users should be able to chose whether they are filing a firewall rule change or a request to get an office chair replaced. The agents working on such tickets are a very different group of people.

I thought I could achieve this with roles and just assign roles to users, allowing them to access groups. However, it is not possible to divide customers into groups. There is exactly one big blob of customers, no way to allow selection of group when creating a ticket and no way to limit what they can do per “queue”.

Creating separate “customer entities” for this does not work either. There seems to be no way to separate customers into groups or roles.

Any ideas how I can set this up? Maybe, I am overlooking something obvious?

Thank you all for your kind support.

I’ll make this really short:
You cannot assign group rights for customers! This only works with agents.

Now to help you a bit:
groups === queues

Customers can, by default, decide in what group they want to put a ticket. If they need to decide that, you should not disable this. As for Agents, you can restrict access to groups via roles or on the agent account itself.

Please note:
You can indeed ensure that your “customers” cannot see all tickets - ensure (if they have a organisation assigned) the organisation is no sharing organisation!

Sharing organisation means that all users can see the tickets of their colleguales - no matter in what group they are. If you disable this setting for the oganisation, your customers will only see their own tickets. Thus, you shouldn’t encounter any problems.

Please also note that we at Zammad see people actively working on tickets (not the person that has a problem and posts you a ticket) is seen as Agent in our eyes. This is the reason why you cannot change group rights to customers. In my opinion that’s way too overload.


Thank you for your quick response.

Can I somehow restrict the groups each customer can select (by having them in separate organizations, for example)?


I’m afraid, this is not possible.
You can restrict the overall ticket selection within zammad for customers with a multi selection:

Another approach would be to not tell the customer where he can find Zammad and remove the tick for customer ticket access within the customer role. You can then use a E-Mail-Alias per Group that only the users know that need it to know.

In my opinion this would be the closest solution to your wish.

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