Levels of support agents or queues revisited

I’ve read carefully the exchange on queues vs groups vs roles as well as other discussions, but could not find a way to configure the following workflow:

A dispatcher and 3 agents need to work as follow
1- all tickets are assigned to the dispatcher by default (done)
2- Dispatcher can assign to Agent1, Agent2 or Agent3 (done)
3- Agent1 can assign to Agent2, to Agent3 or to Dispatcher (done)
4- Agent2 can only assign to Agent3 or to Dispatcher (not done)
5- Agent3 can only assign to Dispatcher (not done)

Could someone share a clever use of groups/roles that would allow this workflow?

Alternately, if the group selection drop down menu (or the entire right panel, losing other valuable control items) could be hidden, macros could be used to give the agents specific and restricted re-assignments options.

But, I could not find a way to :

  • hide the group selection menu (when some agents belong to more than one group)
  • hide the right panel


NB: FWIW, we’re on 3.2.x using both Centos 7.7/RPMs and Ubuntu 18.04/docker-compose

In my opinion your workflow is not possible in Zammad.
At least not without a huge pile of Triggers that ensure the above.

It will be a pain - not just in administration, because Zammad does not natively provide such a use case.

Thank you for this insight, MrGeneration.

I had not seen a way to do triggers in this case: would you give us a hint?

On the same topic, and thinking macros, is it possible to

  • hide the group pull-down menu or the owner pull-down menu?
  • hide the right panel?

Perhaps there is a choice of permissions in the roles definition for this but I don’t readily see it?
I understand that the group pull-down menu will not appear if the user involved belongs to a single group.

Sorry, but the trigger thing is out of scope and will take more than 30 minutes in sole testing to ensure it works as expected. No can do - sorry!

This is not possible if your agent has rights to more than one group. That is if you want your agents being allowed to write into the other groups.

This is temporary possible. You can click on the icon of the sidebar and it will disappear.
Maybe this might be a thing, but it’s not permanently.

You can use custom CSS to hide those things from the view of the browser, but it’s not update safe and forces you to fiddle around after every update. Especially with docker nothing you really want.

In case that doesn’t stop you, the following directory is the one you’re looking for - don’t forget to precompile afterwards.

Thank you MrGeneration.

I was hoping to hide some UI elements on a per-user basis limit their tools to macros.
CSS files editing would affect all of us, and is not desired.

If you could give me some hints about the triggers approach, I’ll try to work out the details.

The trigger approach would require e.g.

  • create tags based on the owner
  • Trigger on owner changes and ensure owner xyz is not set if tag is xyz

Second trigger will need several triggers per agent to achieve this because of technical limitations. As I said, a pile of triggers.

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